Riedel Foundation Awards $25,000 Matching Grant to Hannibal LaGrange University 

Hannibal LaGrange University is in line for a $25,000 matching grant from the Riedel Foundation for donations it receives at its upcoming Scarlet and Blue auction.

The University will use the money to serve the needs of Hannibal in its outreach mission. Those projects include cultural enrichment, community and high school education initiatives, and activities like robotics and STEM camp for young learners.

“I’m not sure people are aware of how much HLGU brings to our community,” said Riedel Trustee Bill Craigmiles.  “The University obviously has a big economic impact, but it also serves Hannibal in many ways that people might not see. Many of our business and professional leaders in Hannibal are graduates of HLGU, and they are also leaders in giving back to our community.”

Dr. Ray Carty is the Vice President for Institutional Advancement at HLGU. He points out that community service is written into the University’s mission, and community mindset is among its core values.

“Communities like Hannibal thrive when motivated and educated individuals work together to increase opportunity for themselves, others, and their community,” Carty said.  “The purpose and mission of the HLGU college experience is about seeing oneself as part of the community as a contributor and informed influencer for change and productivity.”

While the University has experienced serious financial challenges over the past year, they are in a stronger financial position since austerity measures were put in place to better align expenses with income.

The second annual Scarlet and Blue auction is coming up on May 19. HLGU memorabilia and donated items will be auctioned off. The Riedel Foundation will match up to $25,000 of the auction’s proceeds.


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