Riedel Foundation Awards Grant for Youth Summer Employment Program 

Riedel Foundation Trustees have awarded a $5,000 grant to Douglass Community Services to help fund the Kids in Motion program this summer.

Kids in Motion (KIM) is a short-term summer program for incoming 5th and 6th graders in the Hannibal school district. Through hands-on career exploration, the youth learn about a variety of career opportunities, the corresponding skill sets, and the education or technical requirements needed to purse each path. By broadening their career horizons, the youth will be able to engage in plans for future education and employment opportunities. Volunteerism is an essential element of the program.

“KIM offers our youth the opportunity to explore careers in our community and learn useful workplace skills and develop the volunteer spirit,” said Emily Trevathan, Chief Operating Officer at Douglass Community Services. “It also gives them something meaningful to do over the summer.”

Banking basics and fundamental financial topics are also covered. As part of the KIM experience, youth have an opportunity to earn a daily incentive stipend. The maximum amount a participant can earn each day is $15. Youth must meet daily goals regarding cooperation, teamwork, and general attitude to earn the stipend.

“I like that the Kids in Motion program has a financial element, covering banking and financial topics,” said Riedel Trustee Paul Richards. “The kids will learn how to prioritize spending and saving as they earn their first paychecks.”

This year the participants will engage with local entrepreneurs and small business owners during Entrepreneur Day as well as go fishing with local law enforcement officers. They also do community service work, including helping at the food pantry and the community garden.

KIM consists of two two-week sessions during the month of June. More than 100 youth applied, with 30 accepted into the program.

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