Riedel Foundation Hires Grant Administrator

Sarah DeienFor immediate release, April 2022

The George H. Riedel Private Foundation in Hannibal, MO has named Sarah Deien as its Grant Administrator.

“I feel honored to be part of this foundation and all it represents,” Deien said. “There are so many people in need in Hannibal. When I look back at all that the Riedel Foundation has accomplished in the past and think ahead to all the needs still out there, it inspires me. Our grants truly improve the quality of life in Hannibal.”

In recent years, the Riedel Foundation has been working quietly to distribute grants that help nonprofit organizations in Hannibal. With this appointment, the Foundation is taking on a slightly different focus.

“We want to find more innovative ideas to fill the needs we see in Hannibal,” said Foundation Trustee April Baldwin. “Sarah has already come up with some creative ways that we can approach our grant awards. We are also moving toward a more collaborative approach, so that our new administrator can help navigate the grant-writing process and make it even easier for organizations in need to apply for help.”

Since its inception in 2000, the Riedel Foundation has awarded approximately six million dollars in grants to Hannibal non-profit organizations. Major benefactors have included the YMCA of Hannibal, Kids in Motion, and a scholarship fund for Hannibal High School students. Helping groups that reach children was a primary focus of George Riedel’s philanthropy during his lifetime. The awards also have a wider reach. For example, the grants have helped provide matching funds for the Hannibal Nutrition Center, provided medicines to the Hannibal Free Clinic, and funded programs through the Hannibal Arts Council.

This year, the Riedel Foundation will distribute more than $300,000 dollars to deserving recipients. For more information, to see if your group qualifies, or for help in the application process, go to riedelfoundation.org or email [email protected]. You can also call (573) 221-6425 ext. 326.

Sarah Deien is a former anchor at KHQA-TV and co-host of the Y101 Radio morning show. She and her husband Rich have four daughters, with three students at the University of Missouri and a 7th grader at Holy Family School.

The Riedel Foundation Trust is held at F & M Bank and Trust Company in Hannibal, where Mr. Riedel and his father served as directors for more than 90 years.

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