Riedel Foundation to Fund Swim Program for Hannibal Third Graders

Riedel Foundation to Fund Swim Program for Hannibal Third GradersFor the 10th year, the Riedel Foundation will fund a program that brings Hannibal third grade students to the pool to teach them water safety.

The YMCA of Hannibal will use a recent $7,500 grant award to host the Third Grade Swim and Water Safety program. Transportation is provided to the students at Hannibal’s five public elementary schools. Lifeguards and swim instructors from the Y are on hand to teach the children.

“We want to empower the kids with the knowledge and time to practice swimming skills and improve the swimming skills they may already have,” said coordinator Kelly Colley. “Our goal is work with them so they understand how to have fun in the water in a safe way.”

The students will get instruction on the role of a lifeguard, wearing life jackets, and when to call 9-1-1.

In addition to funding the program, the Riedel Foundation grant will also supply swimsuits to children who don’t have resources. The classes will take place in April and May at the YMCA of Hannibal.

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